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Connecting with technology consumers through retail

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The problem

As the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, Samsung is one of the most successful technology brands in the world. Yet until recently, the business had a problem engaging visitors in its retail stores – and was also struggling to meet customer service needs. With each new iteration, our personal devices become more advanced. And like many consumer technology businesses, Samsung’s retail proposition had been left playing catch-up.

The solution

Since joining forces in 2012, we’ve been helping the brand evolve their in-store experience for today’s tech-savvy shopper. Collaborating closely with Samsung both in the UK and in Seoul, our team has overseen a significant brand repositioning.

The result

From big product launches and celebrity collaborations to the day-to-day retail experience, our work has drawn more shoppers to stores and shifted the brand perception into the premium lifestyle territory, whilst delivering increases in NPS and increased sales