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Crafting a dynamic football display

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The problem

To create an engaging display to showcase Nike’s latest Phantom GX boot launch. Using the campaign theme of a football punching through the eye of a vortex storm, our objective was to attract, connect and engage customers on the boot’s technology helping to drive awareness and sales.

The solution

Focusing on the campaign key asset of a football punching through a storm cloud, we utilised a 3D moiré effect, enabling us to animate a storm environment. A dedicated educational area allows customers to connect and engage with the boot’s innovative technology.

The result

The large vortex graphic and moiré effect offers additional attraction with a sense of movement. Vibrant storm-inspired acrylic pedestals illustrate tech specifications. The technical table features an illusion of depth using layers of clear acrylic with printed storm cloud graphics at increasing opacities towards the bottom that mimic the dispersion of clouds created by Haaland’s kick, with the boot appearing to float on top of the vortex. The result is an engaging and visually impactful installation that engages customers, provides insight, and drives sales.