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Crafting a dynamic football display

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The problem

Situated within key retail partner stores, we were instructed to create an engaging display to showcase Nikes latest football boot launch, the Phantom GX, featuring all new ‘Gripknit’ technology. The objective was to attract and connect customers to help ultimately drive awareness and sales.

The solution

We divided the space into two key areas. One as a large impact zone and the other to help educate and connect the customers. The impact zone is a physical expression of the technology, representing how ‘Gripknit’ provides the player with greater skill, precision, and accuracy. The educational area allows customers to physically engage with the technology specifications and details surrounding the boot.

The result

The campaign is housed within a large framework inspired by the bold colours featured within the boot. The Phantom GX boot is hung directly over the centre of the plinth where a graphical application demonstrates a ripple effect perfectly executing how Nike’s new technology can enforce precision. The result is an engaging and visually impactful installation that engages customers, provides insight, and drives sales.