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Inspiring cyclists to get on the saddle

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The problem

For over 10 years Wattbike have held an iconic status in indoor training and their credibility is widely recognised within the fast-growing industry. When we were tasked with creating an exhibition stand for Wattbike, it was important for us to communicate the innovation of the brand and the scale of the community using it to help achieve their training goals.

The solution

A key part of the exhibition stand was a large interactive touchscreen app. We designed and developed the entire app from scratch, which featured interactive video among other technologies. The dashboard used recent ride data to communicate the popularity of Wattbike – showing the daily wattage and mileage outputs of thousands of riders all over the world.

The result

This experience was designed to explain the technical USPs of the product, inspire the cycling enthusiast to train harder, and boost excitement for the upcoming next generation product launch.