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Sports Direct

Sports Direct

Hanging on to a popular social gym trend

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The problem

Following the success of our interactive basketball concept, Nike and Sports Direct invited us to collaborate on another sports-related initiative. The task here was to create a similar experience in the form of a training challenge for their latest flagship store, Manchester Arndale.

The solution

Looking to social media for inspiration, we looked at the popular ‘dead hang’ trend, which sees gym goers film thier attempt at hanging from a pull up bar for up to two minutes, a deceptively hard task. We understood the playable nature of a challenge like this, and competitive edge that would have groups of friends competing against each other in store.

The result

The ‘Hang Tough’ experience invites shoppers to take up the dead hang challenge in store, while a large screen above head height counts the seconds. A sensor built into the bar detects and stops the clock as the player drops and the score is recorded on a leaderboard.