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Sports Direct

Curating a seamless shopping experience

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The problem

Alongside our creation of Sports Direct’s flagship stores, we designed and developed a digital wayfinding solution to drive shoppers through the store and highlight the services and shop-in-shops inside. As the Sports Direct Birmingham store is 60,000 square feet and has 4 floors, it was imperative that navigating around the store was made as easy as possible for customers.

The solution

This convenient mobile navigation tool works as a companion to the navigational screens at the store entrance. Our 3D and motion team crafted beautiful, rendered maps which are displayed in large format at the store entrance. Scanning a QR code opens a web app, providing shoppers with floor plans, as well as a list view of all the departments and services.

The result

Our dual-purpose microsite offers customers easy navigation options: floor plan viewing or a traditional shop location list. Accessible through a QR code at store entrances, this concept is now implemented in multiple locations, including the new Flannels flagship store in Liverpool. Simplifying the shopping experience, it caters to individual preferences and enhances convenience for shoppers.