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The problem

When Frasers Group opened their latest Flagship store in Liverpool, they tasked us with creating a digital map to help customers navigate through the space and gain a better understanding of what the store has to offer.

The solution

The digital map needed to cover the store’s 7 floor span, which includes departments such as Beauty, Women’s & Men’s Luxury & Contemporary Fashion, Footwear, Junior wear, Activewear and offers in-store shopping services, as well as a Barry’s fitness studio and a restaurant. The map follows the Flannels look and feel, using textures & colours that align to each department represented in the store.

The result

The wayfinding map is strategically placed at store entrances and on every level for easy reference. Additionally, the map is available on the Flannels website, providing customers with a preview of their in-store journey. To offer convenience, the digital map incorporates a QR code that allows customers to access clear and portable navigation directly on their phones.