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Driving conversion through experience

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The problem

In recent years, replacement cycles for higher value consumer electronics purchase have become longer. Consumers have increasingly “traded down” when replacing items to products they perceive as good enough to meet their needs without paying flagship model prices. Samsung challenged The One Off to develop a new retail concept, that through it’s experience and communications would help shoppers understand the benefits of their products, and reverse the trend of lower volume, and value of purchases.

The solution

Within a new TV shop-in-shop concept, designed in collaboration with Samsung’s TV design team in Korea, we implemented a new merchandising strategy and a digital POS app that provided product discovery and an enhanced customer experience. The app, controlled centrally, ensured accurate information and top-notch product demonstrations even in the absence of store staff or promoters.

The result

Through research conducted both before, and after the re-fit of the shop in shop area we clearly demonstrated the benefit of the new approach, with over 15% increases in both sales volume and value as shoppers understood the benefits of premium models and their technology.