Speed Vs Precision


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A game of two halves

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The problem

To coincide with the latest Mercurial (Speed) and Phantom (precision) football boot launches, we we’re tasked with designing a gamified experience to takeover existing in-store screens and educate shoppers on the latest product features and differences.

The solution

We combined two familiar games into one experience to tell this story. First, the player had her reaction times measured by turning out digital lights as a test of speed. Then she would draw lines across a pitch to bounce balls into a goal, testing precision. These scores were combined to give a rating for each silo, from which point the player to compare and learn about each boot.

The result

The player’s overall score was recorded on a leaderboard, along with her speed vs. precision rating. Scanning a QR code allowed the player to download a custom graphic to her phone and share this to social media.