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WAE Elysia

The faces behind the future

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The problem

In the run up to launching WAE’s battery intelligence brand, Elysia, we were tasked with capturing a series of photographs that highlighted the human aspect of the business. Our goal was to showcase the people behind the brand, putting them at the forefront of the visual narrative.

The solution

Our aim was to produce a range of content that showed strong ties to the WAE parent brand and to establish the Elysia team and business beyond launch. This fed into social media assets to drive engagement and click-throughs to the web launch. This content also helped to establish a look for the live-action content in video and stills.

The result

The result is a suite of content with a cinematic finish that is seamlessly integrated into Elysia’s website’s ‘About’ and ‘Careers’ pages. This further enhances the brand’s personality and underscores Elysia’s unwavering commitment to a people-centric approach.