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Capturing authenticity

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The problem

3ina, a rapidly expanding beauty brand, sought our assistance in understanding their customers and refining their brand messaging. Our objective was to enhance their appeal through an impactful advertising campaign and a continuous strategy for engaging shoppers. A crucial element of this initiative involved creating bold photography that would resonate with the Millennial and Gen Z demographic.

The solution

Following in-depth research that found that the younger consumer are tired of being fed a false perfection, and are actively seeking out authentic and transparent brands, we developed a visual style which was able to move across platforms from social media through to retail graphics. This unique style also underpinned the invitation to join the #3INAMovement.

The result

Working closely with 3INA, we ensured the production remained true to this insight, from model selection to tone of voice. The art direction and photography was all handled by our team and the final assets were rolled out across social media and in-store.