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Sports Direct

In-store navigation for every customer

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The problem

Building on the success of our retail elevation work with Sports Direct and the third flagship store spanning 50,000 sq. ft. We continued to develop clear in-store digital wayfinding. Specific to screen location and function, each loop needed to clarify the departments across 5 floors.

The solution

Using Motion Design to place the customer in the store with a smart, simple directional design. 3D maps were created to show each floors’ key zones.  Placed on columns at the key entry points for each floor, customers can scan the QR code onscreen to load a digital map on their phone.


Cash desk walls feature large LED screens to callout in store services and key department locations.


Much like the 3-levelled atrium design in the Birmingham flagship, the high-level navigation designs for Manchester further aid the flow of the store, with directional cues to services, placement, and floor level. Within the loop, the design utilises the category patterns and accent colours of each department to retain the SD look and feel, whilst differentiating zones for customers.

The Result

With 30+ Digital Navigation Screens over 13 floors, across 3 flagships. Digital Navigation effectively increases customer engagement and adds to the aesthetic and intrigue of the stores interior design whilst improving the flow of footfall throughout the store.