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WAE Elysia

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WAE Elysia

WAE Elysia

Crafting a dynamic website for battery brilliance

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The problem

Willams Advanced Engineering approached us to create a website to launch their new brand, Elysia, which separates their battery intelligence division from the motorsport engineering division. Elysia’s products centre around enhancing the lifetime, safety, and performance of batteries, primarily in automotive, energy storage, and transport sectors. Elysia’s USP derives from their extensive experience in battery design and their impressive motorsport pedigree. Our task was to create a website that would effectively cater to their diverse customer base and simplify their complex offerings.

The solution

Through collaborative workshop sessions with key stakeholders, we extracted the technical aspects and distilled each feature into a clear and powerful message. In addition to UX and UI design, we also produced engaging video content, 3D assets, and captivating photography for the website.

The result

The final product is a highly performant website that adheres to modern-day best practices and accessibility standards. We implemented a headless CMS to ensure security and facilitate the seamless addition of new content. The website successfully showcased the value of Elysia’s products, enabling different customer types to comprehend and appreciate their offerings easily.