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Navigating towards digital excellence

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The problem

As part of a wider rebranding project, we were asked to design and develop a new website for the world’s largest privately owned shipbroking firm. Following a workshop with key partners and stakeholders, our core objectives were to sell the heritage and experience of the brand, with a more personal touch than the websites of their competitors.

The solution

Building on the new brand guidelines, we designed a responsive type scale to deliver a beautiful website at any size, whether thats on phone, desktop, or 50 inch boardroom monitor. We carefully paired images of ships with candid team shots taken by our in-house photography team to create the balance and personality that the client was looking for.

The result

Developed with a headless CMS, and next.js the resulting website is fast, SEO friendly and easy to update. Animated SVG brings the brand patterns to life throughout the site in a mesmerising, nautically inspired movement.