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Advertising campaign

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The problem

The Sofa.com target market comprises first time buyers and renters, established property owners and those living in ultra-modern homes. Three groups with their own subtly different needs and desires. So to help make the brand relevant to each market, our advertising campaigns had to capture the breadth of range and appeal offered by Sofa.com products.

The solution

We injected the Sofa.com brand with warmth and personality to resonate with their consumer and inspire an updated and bespoke customer journey, using a new creative platform ‘Imagine That’ alongside a new copywriting strategy. We refreshed the typographic style to soften the font build a rapport with customers. It was critical create a new style of roomiest photography that could capture both the lived moment as well as inspirational product shot, both styles reinforcing the new level of brand warmth and personality.

The result

Our outdoor designs across the London Underground network reached a wide audience, with print executions also appearing in channels such as leading interior design publications. Through its photography, art direction, tone of voice and messaging, each piece of work ensures the unique Sofa.com personality shines through.