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Yorkshire Cancer Research

Wayfinding Signage

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The problem

Yorkshire Cancer Research’s new centre in Harrogate includes a cancer exercise rehabilitation service (Active Together), café, charity shop, donation, and distribution centre, as well as its new head office. Therefore, a cohesive wayfinding system was going to be integral to providing a seamless flow of operations within the centre.

The solution

We designed a wayfinding system tailored to the unique needs of YCR’s multifunctional centre. Our approach was twofold: firstly, we prioritised accessibility, recognising the diverse range of visitors frequenting the centre. Secondly, we ensured that the design of the wayfinding system harmonised seamlessly with the aesthetic of the rest of the space. This involved incorporating natural finishes and subtle accents of the organisation’s brand blue, creating a cohesive visual identity throughout the space.

The result

Through intuitive signage placement and clear directional cues, we engineered a navigation solution that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly, empowering individuals to effortlessly navigate the space. Contributing to the creation of a welcoming and functional environment conducive to the organisation’s mission of supporting those affected by cancer.