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Rebranding the founders of the shipbroking industry

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The problem

As one of the founders of the shipbroking industry the SSY identity hadn’t evolved with the vision of the company. Under new leadership the team needed a wholesale revamp of the identity reflecting the digital first nature of the business and alignment of what SSY stands for.

The solution

We worked alongside the internal team at SSY to uncover their brand and build an identity that reflects their status and rich heritage whilst creating a future-proofed, flexible system that adapts to their communication needs. The positioning was clear from our research team that SSY had an opportunity to ‘own the sea’. Not only is the business steeped in heritage and royal connections but they are still one of the largest privately-owned shipbrokers in existence. Their ownership structure allows them to adapt quickly and make decisions that have their clients’ interests at their very core. This sense of independence was reflected in a brand marque that casts off the industry norms and injects a sense of quality, and style that elevates the business beyond their day-to-day activities.

The result

SSY now have an identity the team are invested in and that accurately reflects their current and future ambitions.

The marque itself represents an abstracted wordmark, formed by the sea. Built around the strapline ‘experience matters’ the marque exudes a sense of forward motion representing the experience you should expect from SSY while the logotype is all about the attention to detail that really matters in this industry.