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Crafting a brand to celebrate unforgettable connections

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The problem

Wed2b perceived their brand as traditional and accessible to their audience. However, they recognised the potential to enhance relevance among new clients and maintain connection with existing ones by infusing a more contemporary and slightly more exclusive feel into their brand identity. To address this, Wed2b asked us to refresh their identity with evolving trends and consumer attitudes within their target market.

The solution

We started with an upfront research piece to analyse market trends, conduct a competitor audit, and redefine their brand positioning. This informed the refresh, and we modernised the brand, introducing a logo that drew inspiration from the joining and unity of marriage. A refined colour palette was developed to evoke warmth and the joy of finding the perfect wedding dress. Refreshing brand assets across the estate focused on enhanced consistency across all touchpoints.

The result

The brand refresh was well-received, positioning Wed2b for growth as they expanded into European markets and beyond. The team was excited to roll out the updated identity across their new sites, confident that it will resonate with their audience and elevate their brand presence in the competitive wedding industry.