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Celebrating Christmas traditions

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The problem

During a time when the TV market is saturated, we were asked by the Toshiba team to bring Christmas familiarity to people’s screens. Focussing on family-orientated creative bringing to life the role the humble TV fulfils in our Christmas Day. Our objective was to increase brand awareness, articulate Toshiba’s brand purpose and in doing so position Toshiba as a credible, relevant brand for a “main” TV for your living room.

The solution

Toshiba’s festive TV commercial celebrates the one Christmas tradition which wouldn’t be the same without your TV. The ad depicts the moment which happens across UK homes: Christmas dinner is done, the telly gets switched on, and one-by-one everyone slowly but surely drifts off to sleep in front of a Christmas film. It’s a simple, warm message about how Toshiba is glad their (and all) TVs can play their part in people’s Christmases.


We wanted to make sure the commercial conveyed the warmth and inclusivity that Toshiba stands for. With the added challenge to produce the commercial during lockdown, we worked with Figment Films director Robin Goode to produce the film almost entirely remotely in South Africa.


Launching alongside the 30-second commercial was a social media campaign which also gave five lucky families the chance to win their own Toshiba TV.

The result

The campaign has delivered 13.5m impressions and 18,000 clicks, with 14,000 of these to retailer product pages, with sales bucking industry trends despite challenging market conditions.