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Engaging the fashion-savvy consumer through film

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The problem

With a multitude of sub-labels and a vast, ever-evolving product range in the fashion and accessory lines, Primark faces demanding film and photography needs.

The solution

Our team is adept at developing creative concepts and providing art direction for all Primark campaigns, spanning from seasonal themes to style-oriented shoots. We tackle the challenge by ensuring our work is fully integrated, complementing each of the brand’s marketing touchpoints. We create engaging video content that aligns seamlessly with the overall brand aesthetic.

The result

Through our efforts, Primark benefits from a comprehensive solution to their photography requirements. Our creative concepts and art direction result in visually compelling campaigns, while the consistent integration of video content amplifies the brand’s marketing impact across various platforms. The result is a cohesive visual narrative that effectively showcases Primark’s extensive and ever-changing product range.