ZX Lidars

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ZX Lidars

ZX Lidars

A rebrand to shake up the renewable industry

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The problem

Industry leaders in wind technology, ZX Lidars, approached us to create their new identity and to help them transition from their existing brand name (ZephIR). Creating the identity ‘ZX Lidars’ we retained some of their brand equity in our use of colour, the letter Z, and ‘Lidars’ as a descriptor. ZX Lidars design and produce a remote wind sensing product that uses laser technology to gather information from particles in the air.

The solution

The brand identity that we produced creates a unique triangle shape within the ZX, which illustrates the way that the laser technology bounces light to gather information. The identity has been applied to brand communications and is being rolled out across products, film, environmental graphics and exhibitions spaces too.

The result

The new brand is bold and cohesive, alluding to the company’s status as leaders in an innovative field, whilst also communicating a strong sense of scientific thinking.