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Vintage Bentley

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Vintage Bentley

Vintage Bentley

Brand identity for passionate vintage Bentley specialists

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The problem

Vintage Bentley, a restoration and rally preparation specialist, aimed to present their ‘World Class’ restorations authentically to their customers and peers. However, they faced the challenge of effectively conveying the essence of their work and passion for preserving vintage Bentleys.

The solution

To address this challenge, we drew inspiration from the rich racing heritage of early Bentley motor cars, particularly the iconic ‘Bentley Boys’ who raced at Le Mans in the early 1920s. Our approach involved blending key distinctive elements from the vehicles, the era, and the attitude of the Bentley Boys to create an authentic and premium brand marque.

The result

The resulting brand identity successfully captures the essence of Vintage Bentley’s work and passion. By infusing elements from the racing heritage and the era into the brand marque, the team can now present their ‘World Class’ restorations in a compelling and authentic manner to both their customers and peers, solidifying their position as leaders in the restoration and rally preparation of Vintage Bentleys.