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Sub-brand elevation

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The problem

Primark approached us with the task of creating twelve new brand identities, complete with product packaging, across sixteen departments. Rolled out in just ten months, this project was no mean feat.

The solution

We began by meeting with real customers as well as the brand’s buying teams, to understand the problems our sub-brand and packaging concepts needed to solve. Then, after our research phase, we began crafting and testing identity concepts, then into sampling, testing and trialling – working as an integral part of the Primark team to make sure every box was ticked.

Throughout the process we carefully crafted each sub-brand to ensure it fit the target market; some more inspired by high fashion, others aimed at younger customers, through to an authentic denim approach on Denim Co and a more gritty attitude for Cedar Wood State.

The result

A complete rebrand of the entire collection of brands for women’s, men’s and kidswear. 12 Brands Over 1000 tickets Over 25000 samples All in 10 months with sales increasing by 16%!