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Crafting a brand for sustainability

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The problem

Shifting away from commodity trading to focus on renewable energy trading as part of a JV partner buyout, the company VCMT became Dare. Following the name change, Dare needed fundamental and ambitious changes to their brand. The new owners tasked The One Off with redefining their positioning and to give new meaning to their new name.

The solution

The Dare brand needed to strike a fine balance between appealing to sharp, young minds, looking to enter and transform this mainly conservative industry, whilst also conveying the gravitas of being a serious player in the category. The project included a strategic repositioning, a new visual identity, a brand film, photography, a website and a soft launch on social media.

The result

We created a bold, dynamic new brand identity which set the foundations for shaking up the industry. Since its re-launch, Dare has appeared extensively in major financial publications, with its bold new identity helping to set the scene for equally bold opinions and approaches.