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Elevating mid mall retail

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The problem

Sky have long needed the ability to create competitive sales opportunities for their content packages mid-mall, so when Sky Glass – their bestselling TV – was launched, the mid-mall concept needed adapting to showcase their hero product whilst simultaneously giving space to mobile devices from Apple and Samsung on the perimeter. As part of our ongoing work with Sky, we were asked to revive the previous NextGen design to achieve a new, innovative solution for customers to understand the premium value of Sky as a brand.

The solution

Symmetry and detailing was incredibly important to create an attractive and approachable design from all angles. It was crucial that each surface felt premium. The use of timber surfaces with clean fit-for-purpose merchandising slots gives a warm domestic touch. The now classic Sky kiosk design statement of angling the illuminated glass fin has been amplified with a frame of polished metal and large spaces for Sky Glass TVs. Sofas cocoon the customer and give a prime viewing experience showcasing Sky Glass at its very best.

The result

The kiosks are always busy, and have become well-loved hotspots for customers to explore the Sky product offer, and fantastic sales tools for the staff. Updates made during its development will influence the coming iterations of Sky’s mid-mall estate. NextGen+ offers customers an elevated shopping experience, using premium materiality and changeable graphics for Sky’s latest marketing to be easily swapped in.