Roxtars and Candy Bar Concept

Hard Rock

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Hard Rock

Hard Rock

Shaking up Hard Rock's retail offer with fresh thinking

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The problem

Hard Rock’s more unique and creative global retail experiences needed a fresh flavour of creativity and robust merchandising principles in order to keep the brand in mind as an icon of music, experiences and memories worldwide.

The solution

We work with Hard Rock from concept to design intent, bringing new thinking and and putting concepts and creation around business needs and ideas. For the children’s offer – Roxtars in Desaru, we created a store that brings the energy of the characters to the space, with distinct areas for the various Roxtars product. Merchandising units with developed to be musically inspired, and a unique candy creation station installed to build on kids’ imagination whilst they shop.


For the ‘Candy bar’ needed to create and iconic world landmark experience that fits Hard Rock’s legendary status… this is London, our birth place. With no alcohol licences – we needed to celebrate that, so we created a ‘candy bar’ concept that would attract and delight customers from all over the globe, uniquely London, uniquely out there.

The result

The Roxtars store in Desaru has proven to be a space that inspires the next generation through expression of the Roxtars values – all whilst trading great.

The London ‘Candy bar’ concept has inspired the theatrical experiences and evolution of expression in Hard Rock cafes around the globe. Turn up the flavour!