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Sustainable retail revolution

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The problem

Gulf Marketing Group had huge ambitions, and they enlisted our help to be the first to open a fully sustainable store in The Dubai Mall. The “Make A Difference” (MAD) store would be the first retail space within the mall to stock only 100% sustainable garments, sold within an environment built with sustainability at its heart.

The solution

It was key for the brand to combat growing concerns surrounding greenwashing, so we understood the need to curate a space which considered sustainability and honest communication. Every element, from the research to the materials was stringently considered. We utilised an array of sustainable materials and finishes, including recycled scaffold tubes and plug-in shelves to enhance flexibility and avoid the use of non-environmentally friendly fixings.

The result

Our concept was designed with modularity in mind, minimising fixed, heavy furniture elements in favour for adaptable components. This strategy allowed for maximum flexibility, giving space for brands and ranges to change dependent on desired need. The considered strategy, speed of implementation and innovative concept all ensured that this ambitious store is not the first of its kind for the Gulf Marketing Group.