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Only by truly understanding our consumers, the cultures they live in and the world your brand operates in, are we able to create work which deeply connects with them.

We do this by carefully curating information from data, workshops and interviews. This allows us to formulate meaningful and innovative insights to support strategic and business decisions, which ultimately gives us the knowledge to meet your business results.

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Knowledge through data curatorship

The world is increasingly nuanced and complicated. Through taking a holistic view which combines various forms of qualitative and quantitive research, we’re able to better unlock todays consumer feelings, expectations, attitudes and opinions, validating thought and insight. This allows us to create robust recommendations on brands, theories and products.

These methodologies are delivered by an in-house team that are able to curate bespoke processes to best unlock what lies beneath your business challenges.

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Competitor & sector analysis

Analysis of your key competitors allows us to identify key areas for opportunity ensuring you can maintain a relevant offer with longevity.

Creative concept testing

From naming and rebranding to brand assets and values we can test and produce successful concepts for our clients.

Customer feedback

Using survey techniques, we are able to draw rich insight about your customers, which can be translated into key opportunities for your business.

Stakeholder interviews

Talking to the key pillars of your business – your employees, founders, and partners allows us to gain a holistic understanding of your brand and how it works.

Qualitative focus groups

We can help you get to the bottom of consumer thoughts, attitudes and behaviours using qualitative focus groups, workshops or interviews.

Consumer mindset & trends

Delving deep into your consumer’s behaviours, habits, expectations, and attitudes allows us to understand what makes your consumers tick.


We use a number of secondary research techniques to define key insights per project.

We feel strongly that by understanding customers and their attitudes we can create better and more engaging work.

First of all – to do this – we look inwards. Competitor and sector analysis affords opportunity to look widely at your sector – creating a snapshot view of the landscape to understand where and what our differentiators could be. As part of our competitor analysis, we often define key brand ambitions or aspirations and look out of sector to understand how other brands are achieving this.

Secondly, we look outwards and to the future. Our in-house research team can help you to understand macro trends affecting customers now and in future as well as brands who have started to innovate to meet these expectations.

Customer attitudes

Looking at customer attitudes through a macro lens means our team can carve meaningful conclusions to contextualise the customer.

Out of sector inspiration

We want to make sure you stay ahead of the game, and our in-house research team will help you understand not just your sector- but the world better.

Brand positioning

Defining your space in the market is key to ensuring success. We can help to spot the opportunities which will be integral to your business.

Interest area deep dive

Working in a specific market? We can help you to get to grips with the nuances and innovations of the sector.

Competitor analysis

Analysis of your key competitors allows us to identify key areas for opportunity ensuring you can maintain a relevant offer with longevity.

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Trend tours

Individually designed to help you understand and identify the current retail innovators.

With the changing behaviour, priorities and global drivers continuing to disrupt thinking it is important for brands to get to know their consumers again.

As consumers expect unique brand experience to reach new heights retailers will need to consider in-store customisation, community spaces, AR technology and increased convenience to name a few.

On receiving a brief from you, our planning process begins by determining what innovations are most important for the business. We define what locations we visit based on the client, sector and shopper and through a combination of retail, entertainment, food and beverage locations we will introduce you to businesses using these trends to engage consumers successfully.

We will take you straight to the latest, best and most relevant retail experiences, providing the lowdown on each concept and why it is particularly innovative.

Our Trend Tours will take you to the heart of retail innovation

Our bespoke trend tours take you straight to the heart of the world's most interesting and insightful retail and hospitality across key cities such as London, New York, China, Dubai, India and Berlin.