Creating an autocare brand that’s fit for future

Fast Fit autocare brand Protyre came to us with an important question: is our brand fit for future? With the fast-changing landscape, acquisition style business model and a huge ambition for future, Protyre came to us to help understand and advise on how they could bring the Protyre brand into the future.

With the imminent changes set to happen across the automotive sector, it was key with this project to understand the landscape overall. How does it look? What innovation is happening in this space? Where are the gaps in the market? Sector analysis and a competitor audit allowed us to quickly see that there is huge stagnation… many brands look the same, offer the same and have the same negative reputation with customers. We identified a real opportunity for change – one which wasn’t made up of stock images of garage staff in blue boilersuits…

We received over 7,500 responses to our extensive quantitative customer survey with existing Protyre customers

Qualitative focus groups

We ran 4 different focus groups with mixture of both B2C & B2B customers. In depth exploration of current consumer perception of the Protyre brand and its competitors. Gap analysis allowed us to understand wider customer needs, expectations, and experiences within the Automotive Aftercare industry.

Stakeholder interviews

10 interviews completed with Protyre team members from across the business –from Chief Finance Officer to Garage Technicians.

Qualitative online employee satisfaction survey

We surveyed Protyre employees with 329 internal responses captured.

Concept testing

We reached 3,207 car owners in the UK who have serviced their vehicles in the past 18 months over 3 days in January 2022 and asked them to rate two branding designs.

Qualitative customer survey

We surveyed existing Protyre customers, capturing a total of 7,528 detailed responses.

With the extensive research conducted across the Protyre branding project we were able to test all components of the brief directly with both staff and customers to ensure the success of the re-brand. We could use the research and data collated to confidently move forwards with the new Protyre identity, certain that it would futureproof and align the brand with both existing and new customers.