The Creative partnerships shaping the future hotel experience…

Megan Hotson


In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, hotels are constantly seeking innovative ways to captivate guests and provide memorable experiences.

 One strategy that has gained significant traction in recent years is the establishment of creative partnerships between hotels and brands.

This comes as no surprise as globally, 78% of Millennials want their travel to be educational so they can learn something new (Stylus, 2023). It is no longer enough to provide the next generation of tourists with a place to stay – brands must afford their guests with a travel experience brimming with inspiration to help them feel empowered during their stay.  

What’s more, the global culinary tourism market is set to be worth $3.46bn by 2028, growing from $1.13bn in 2022 at an annual rate of 17.82% (Stylus, 2023). Given this, there is a huge opportunity for food and beverage brands to collaborate with hotel operators to lean into the growing demand for unique, food led tourist experiences. 
Looking ahead, we can expect even more ground-breaking partnerships that will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and elevate the guest experience to new heights. 

Whether it's through culinary, fashion, wellness, or technology, these collaborations are fuelling a revolution in the hotel industry.

Lifestyle meets luxury 

Readers (and non-readers) of the iconic Elle Magazine, prepare yourselves. Women’s fashion magazine Elle have opened an idyllic location under its Elle hospitality sub-brand, and we want to visit, immediately. 

This patch of Parisian turf has been adorned with sketches from their brand archive, alongside a selection of Elle-curated fashion publications to excite the fashion fanatics. 

Elle magazine under their hospitality sub-brand have successfully established credibility entering this space by anchoring their physical experiences to their rich brand story and heritage.  

If you fancy a trip further afield than France, the brand is set to open a second location in Mexico this summer. 

Elsewhere, luxury fashion brand Louboutin has opened its first hotel in April this year. Hotel Vermelho can be found in Melides, Portugal and is characterised by bold bursts of red to celebrate their iconic red-bottomed shoes.

Culinary Collaborations 

Hotels have long been synonymous with premium dining experiences, and partnering with renowned culinary brands is the next iteration of this. 

From exclusive pop-up restaurants to customized food travel itineraries these partnerships elevate the overall guest experience and provide a tantalizing fusion of hospitality and culinary brilliance.

Japanese beauty label Clé de Peau Beauté (CPB) launched an afternoon tea series popping up at a collection of hotels across Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Lijiang. The experience offered guests logo-stamped macarons and mousses, champagne, caviar, CPB products, and a voucher for a facial. 


Appealing to a broader audience, KFC launched a temporary hotel room called House of Harland last year. The room was decorated with elements inspired by their famous hot wings, including an arcade machine, a cinema room showcasing "chick flicks," and a button that provided unlimited chicken delivery upon pressing, aptly named "Press for Chicken."

By merging their expertise with culinary brands, hotels can offer guests unique gastronomic adventures that transcend traditional hotel dining.

Pawsome retreats

Traveling with pets can be a joyful experience, but finding accommodation that welcomes our furry friends with open arms can often be a challenge. 

Fortunately, a growing number of hotel operators have recognised the special bond between pet parents and their four-legged companions, going above and beyond to create pet-friendly havens.Pet-Friendly-Travel6_HRHilton has partnered with Mars Petcare to allow guests at their hotels to seek guidance from the pet brand on-demand. Their service offers guests access to on-call resources for pet health, wellness and behavioural advice during stays.

London based brand Stay, is another hotel that has opted for a pet-oriented partnership, collaborating with UK pet food start-up The Innocent Hound. In their hotels they offer welcome packs for pets that might be accompanying guests on their stay, as well as an area guide listing local walks as well as dog-friendly shops and restaurants.

The rise of hotels catering to pet parents is a heart-warming trend that reflects the evolving needs and desires of modern, nomadic travellers.

Key Takeaways: 

-    These creative collaborations have proven to be a win-win situation, allowing hotels to differentiate themselves in a competitive market while enabling brands to expand their reach beyond their traditional customer base.

-    By merging their expertise with culinary brands, hotels can offer guests unique gastronomic adventures that transcend traditional hotel dining. Food centred pop-ups are a great way to encourage people to visit your hotel, and have an added layer of shareability helping extend your hotel’s social reach online. 

-    With wellness and self-care taking center stage in people's lives,  wellness brands have a huge opportunity to collaborate with hotels to offer holistic experiences that cater to guests' physical and mental well-being.

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