Retail post pandemic: Make it fun, make it art!

Charlotte Hurd


With retail spaces carefully and prudently reopening after lockdown, the days of being shoulder to shoulder with strangers in public spaces feels like a different time.

Helping to reassure consumer anxiety with well curated and considered spaces can go a long way to show that your brand cares. 

Skincare brand Haeckels, based in Margate, for example are running a ‘social experiment’ in their seaside store. 

For its reopening, the store was re-imagined – cabinets and shelves full of products have been replaced with a product-free mirrored interior.

Retail Post

Shoppers only need to interact with the door handle and touchscreen to browse the collection. Only one customer is allowed in the shop at a time and clean air is pumped through the space at all times. 

“It was time to re-evaluate and progress. We have to move on together, as one community, whilst also not being afraid to leave the past before.

I imagined a shop where everyone was safe, as much of a safe space as anybody could possibly need to be anxiety free……I imagined infinity and a lone robot.”

This example of self-contained retail is a way to surprise and delight consumers in a way that eases anxiety and shows both kindness and consideration as people return to stores post lockdown.

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