Issue #110

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring Coca Cola’s Covent Garden flagship, Pangaia’s new superfood label, Madrid’s ‘WOW’ concept store, and Mr Potato Head becomes gender neutral…

Coca Cola’s Covent Garden Flagship

The beverage titan Coca cola has just opened a new physical direct-to-consumer retail space in London’s Covent Garden. The store is a London-focused concept store that hopes to foster ‘brand love’ and offer unique experiences to those that visit…


Come with us to @Coca-Cola US first flagship store in Europe in London’s Covent Garden. Coca Cola hopes to build ‘brand love’ with this physical direct to consumer retail format. #coventgarden #fashion #retail #brand #sustainability #digital #creativeagency #cocacola

♬ Where u at - Monjola & Aby Coulibaly


Inside you will find a number of limited-edition collaborations – from Levis X Coca Cola denim jackets to Herschel X Coca Cola bucket hats. As well as this, heading to the back of the store customers will find a dedicated drinks bar, serving up coca cola’s very own mocktails and specially crafted recipes. Customers can also personalise their very own drinks can at the customisation centre so they can take home not just a refreshing drink, but a bit of the brand.

Aside from promoting the merchandise and the sparkling drink itself – the brand wants this store to exhibit their sustainability credentials which guided the production of the ethically made, and sourced materials used to make the clothes and accessories sold within.

Coca Cola have used the opening of this new store to launch a new clothing and product line: the intergalactic. This range harnesses a digital first approach, providing customers with a retail experience that is ‘phygital’. For example, shoppers can access an AR reality concert from Ava Max by simply scanning a bottle…

This brand has created a retail destination that responds to a consumer’s desire for a unique experience, personalisation, and connection by curating a physical direct-to-consumer space that diversifies the brands overall offering and identity. A sure way to build some of that highly desired ‘brand love’.

Pangaia’s new superfood label

Sustainably led clothing brand Pangaia is extending their reach beyond the world of clothing, to food- not just any food… Superfood.


Responding to the desire for wellness and experiences that are health-led in 2022 – this brand is well placed to succeed with the launch of their new superfood label. Aligning with its goal to be an Earth-focused brand, Pangaia’s super bar is fully carbon neutral, and the super snack’s wrapper is fully compostable. This bar will be the first of other superfood food products that will be good for the environment, and great for the body.

The new superfood is powered by biotech and responsibly sourced ingredients. Pangaia announced: “Our products are developed in harmony with nature, designed to promote personal and planetary wellbeing”.

Why now you might ask? Pangaia are tapping into the transformation that the world of food is experiencing as the future fast approaches. From funghi teas, to vertically farmed algae – there is a wealth of food-related innovations for brands to capitalise on to enter the market and create new opportunities for existing customers.

Madrid’s WOW concept store

Wow concept are embarking on a new physical retail journey with the opening of their first store in the centre of Madrid. Situated inside what used to be the Hotel Roma – the space has been re-envisioned by architectural bureau ‘External Reference’.

Madrids WOW

The store is spread across eight floors, with the first three being dedicated solely to fashion – featuring digitally native brands, streetwear names, and other established companies. The first floor will change and transform each season alongside the second floor which will evolve regularly to exhibit different fashion shows. The flexing themes and inspiration within make the store a true destination for customers craving experience.

Commenting on the opening of the new store, the architectural bureau enthused: “We have designed a retail space that works like a large theatrical stage on which the elements are constantly changing, so that people who visit WOW will always find something different…”

Captivating retail is more important than ever, and WOW have successfully created a space you will not only want to visit, but one that you will want to share online. Each room is aesthetically independent and inspired creating an immersive shopping experience that will have you booking that ticket to Madrid just for a sneak peek…

Mr Potato Head becomes gender neutral

Society at large is more inclusive than ever before. We see this reflected day-to-day by brands that are acutely aware of the demands from consumers for services and products that are accessible and inclusive for all.

Mr Potato Head

Toy makers Hasbro have re-identified the infamous potato character as Potato Head (removing the ‘Mr)’ to make the toy gender neutral. The rebranded kids toy can be assembled with a variation of different clothes, accessories and body parts allowing children to create a character specific to their own world view.

Hasbro have said the toy will allow children "to imagine and create their own Potato Head family" through play, kids will be able to promote a more inclusive and equal environment to express themselves in. This move from Hasbro follows other brands in the toy sector, such as Barbie who demonstrated a clear commitment to inclusivity by creating dolls of different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to reflect the diversity of society.

A powerful example of a brand keeping up with an evolving culture to remain relevant and inspiring to a modern consumer.

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