Issue #108

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring M&S’ kidswear resale trial, Wayfair’s curated caravan, Veuve Cliquot’s sunnyside café, and IKEA x H&M…

M&S Kidswear resale trial

M&S Kidswear has decided to launch a trial in collaboration with the UK’s first fully circular kidswear peer-to-peer marketplace. This platform will allow parents to buy, sell, donate, and recycle outgrown kidswear.

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To make this platform actionable, M&S collaborated with dotte – a brand that seeks to address the frustrations expressed by parents when buying second hand. Dotte facilitates the curation of products, and offers style inspiration and incorporates brands partnerships, and at present their resale collective is made up of 16 independent and sustainably minded kidswear brands. M&S kids- through this trial have become the first major retailer to join and play a role in dotte’s movement. 

Alice Duggan, Head of M&S Kidswear commented on the trial: “Pre-loved selling is a growing market and through joining the dotte resale collective we’re looking forward to learning more from an agile start up and supporting the circular economy.”

Through the platform, M&S will be able to extend their customer reach as they continue to make M&S kidswear more relevant for their customers who are looking to ways to shop, and act more consciously.

Wayfair curates Camber Sands caravan

Online retailer Wayfair partnered with ‘The Style Producers’ – Cassandra Doyle and Diana Civil to create a maximalist-inspired space and staycation that we all want to visit… ASAP.

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The canvas the team were given was a simple, and pretty mundane static caravan. Using Wayfair’s diverse range of furniture, decor and home renovation products, The Style Producers were able to flex their creativity and inject personality into the transformed space. As you can see, the decorated interior embraces a bold and joyful maximalist style.

The caravan is situated in West Sussex and will be bookable via air bnb. It offers accommodation for up to six adults with two double bedrooms and one twin bedroom. This caravan will not only be a great option for Brits wanting both a convenient and affordable holiday this year but will also serve as an inspirational example of DIY décor. For example, the interior features clever alterations or hacks such as simple changes to kitchen handles that can make a difference to the overall look.

Wayfair is tapping into the trend surrounding staycations in the UK. Though we have returned to normality, people are still choosing to holiday in this country having known no different for the last couple of years. Given that staycations are a pandemic trend that’s set to stay, it is important for brands in this space to offer a unique and truly memorable hospitality experience.

The Sunnyside up Café

We love a pop-up- especially one that allows us to pop a bottle, and chow down on some eggs served sunnyside up. Veuve Clicquot has opened a temporary café in London’s Soho that is their own (more sophisticated) take on the infamous, and greasy “spoons” café.

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The café’s interior is inspired by their main food offering: eggs. Think yellow tables, feature walls and graphic egg-related prints. The main dish on the menu was developed by TV chef Andi Oliver: Andi's Waffles. The dish consists of a fried egg with streaky bacon, confit cherry tomatoes, waffles and Andi's spiced maple syrup- delish.

Alongside your delicious egg breakfast, you will be able to sip on (of course) some Champagne. On hand in the café will be the "Sunny sommelier" who shall be paroling the space with a Champagne trolley. This wonderful space celebrates the 250th anniversary of Veuve Clicquot in all its bright and boldness; Andi Oliver sharing his thoughts on the café concept re-iterated the zest the brand hope is conveyed in their pop-up: “The vibrancy of their ethos and the iconic yellow is irresistible and contagious, not to mention the champagne itself – a true delight!”

The pop-up was one of many other ways the brand celebrated their big birthday. In February, they announced it would also be celebrating by facilitating an epic train travel experience that took guests from France to Italy aboard the Orient Express.

Celebrating their legacy in a fun and playful way, Veuve have reminded people of their sophisticated heritage that has been so successful overtime. Veuve has also shown how they can remain relevant and engaging for the modern consumer who craves a unique brand experience through curating a one-of-a kind pop-up.


‘Atelier100’ is the name of the new joint concept to come out of Ikea and H&M’s collaborative retail venture. The hope is that this concept will re-articulate the “high street” shopping experience for consumers.

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The venture will develop and foster future ways of retailing by inviting any smaller-scale artists to apply and develop innovative new products. Applicants that are successful will be given up to £10,000 to help make their visions, a reality. As well as this, those that make it onto the program will be provided with mentorship and additional training throughout the process from brands Ikea and H&M.

The Atelier100 will be a year-long pilot project and the physical co-creation store will serve as a meeting place and workplace for designers and makers to collaborate and market their very own creations. The partnership – if successful will develop additional venues in other cities across the globe.

Swedish giants Ikea and H&M have worked together before. In 2019 the two brands promoted a study on how to capitalise on circularity within a business through making the most of textiles. This collaboration helped show consumers how to “buy better”, and now the two are back to show consumers how they can tap into creativity to help contribute to improving the future retail experience for all.

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