Issue #122

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring Amazon’s new reading campaign, Butterkists homage to the lionesses, Gucci’s entry into the world of NFT’s, and London Zoo’s newest resident…

Amazon new reading campaign

Amazon Books’ latest global brand campaign perfectly portrays the feeling that that book lovers around the world experience and love when they read.

Shown through five different mediums of animation, the campaign illustrates the different genres and excitement that sparks from each one.

The advert covers SFX, manga/comic animation, claymation and illustration over sci-fi, action/adventure, romantic and horror genres. As well as the wonderfully produced video, amazon also has posters and a 3D billboard made to share the campaign further.

The 3D billboards are a currently trending method of advertisement, which when viewed from the perfect angle, bring a completely new and fresh feeling to billboards. As if the adverts are alive, grabbing the attention of those who happen to see them.

The design team for the advert decided on creating 15 to 20 different emojis that are shown reading with unique emotions and surroundings, the book slightly hangs out of the border of the advert and any effects around the emoji float out to create an impactful, and 3D visual effect.

The campaign set out with the goal to raise the ‘reading intent among people’ in London and show that ‘actually, as soon as people start reading again, they “rediscover their love for it”.

Butterkist - Social Lionesses Support

Butterkist showed their social support to the English Women’s team for reaching the Uefa Women’s EURO 2022 final, with their latest marketing push of three kernels sitting on top of an English red background, with each kernel popping into a lion’s head.

The 10 second video was shared across various social channels before the final at Wembley on Sunday to wish the team good luck, sending a final message to them all, ‘Here for the #Lionesses’.

As well as creating a hashtag which allowed spectators to share their own messages of support and love for the team.

Gucci enters the world of NFTs

Gucci’s latest online exhibition and auction shows 29 different NFT artworks, created for their new partnership with the marketplace ‘SuperRare’. Each piece is an example of what may come next for the brand as well as a reflection upon the House’s century of heritage.

Vault is the online concept store created by Gucci from the vision of Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Alessandro is keen on cultivating a technology-forward vision for Gucci that extends towards smart technology.

The online exhibition features a short animation taking you through a 3D environment that leads to a room featuring the different pieces each created by different artists, allowing you to scroll through and select the NFTs that catch your attention.

As well as the online store, Gucci has announced a roblox based ‘meta-world’ called Gucci Town, a ‘community-based virtual experience for all’.

After a century worth of work, Gucci see no reason to stop now but instead further involve themselves with the current technological society.

London Zoo’s newest resident

Public Zoos have for a long time been under scrutiny for being unethical in how they contain wild animals. London Zoo has launched a campaign to shift the narrative, asking members of the public to question their impact had on endangered species.

The famous zoo has welcomed a leather handbag to one of their ‘pens’ – to create a hard-hitting message for its visitors..

The visitor sign below reads: “This bag used to be found swimming in slow-moving rivers and streams across Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Over the last 75 years, more than 80% of Siamese crocodiles have disappeared. Many, like this one, were hunted for their skins as part of the illegal wildlife trade.”

The team at London Zoo hope that the exhibit will engage its viewers and draw attention to the human consequences on our wildlife. Instead of being seen as a negative force on nature, the establishment hopes by creating campaigns that empower wildlife they can demonstrate their willing, and commitment to protect nature.

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