Issue #121

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring IKEA Kreativ, Tiktok’s book club, Copa 90 x Sports Direct, and Saudi Arabia’s city of the future…

IKEA Kreativ

IKEA have developed a new app ‘Kreativ’ which is designed to allow their customers to see items as they would look in their own homes before deciding whether to buy them...

Customers can scan a room of their choice using the Kreativ scanner – this then replicates the space in the app, so you can easily edit and design as you like with IKEA products. Existing objects or furniture can also be removed from your room through the app so you can use your room as if it were a blank canvas…

The app combines virtual reality, machine learning, 3D-mixed-reality technologies, and spatial computing to bring people a unique, innovative, and seamless consumer experience. Customers can also gain inspiration buy virtually browsing show rooms and products in-situ as well as their own homes.

After creating a customised version of your room, you can save and name your creation and add the products used to their shopping bag or to their favourites list – allowing you to come back and order the items at your own convenience.

IKEA opened their smaller format city store in Hammersmith earlier this year, which was premised off wanting to give its city dwellers the most convenient experience possible. Kreativ goes a step further, allowing customers that convenience from anywhere, at any time with the help of technology.


TikTok’s book club

TikTok – the easiest way to fill that extra time you have on your morning commute, or on the way home. Its content is short, and easy to digest – allowing you to scroll through hours of content.

Kicking off with Jane Austen’s Persuasion - #Booktok has soared in popularity as keen readers share their passion for reading, and their latest literary recommendations through the platform.

As the most influential social platform to exist at the moment, #Booktok is now influencing book sales worldwide, and has led to the launch of an official TikTok Book Club. The books will be chosen monthly by five ‘Book Tok Laureates’. To conclude each book, and month – a laureate from the five chosen will host a live session to analyse, and discuss the book with those from the club.

This is a new path for a social platform primarily used as a space for creators, or influencers. Now a space to enthuse in reading, and encourage people to get into this past time – diversifies what the platform could or should be used for.

Tiktok expects to create national, and world-wide events from this Book club – with the potential to reach a massive audience. Tiktok has created a new social collective experience by bringing people with a love for reading together online.

Copa 90 x Sports Direct

Copa 90 and Sports Direct are celebrating the Women’s Football in style to promote their tagline ‘girls don’t like football… WE LOVE IT!’.

These two forces have launched a multi-million-pound creative campaign to champion the Women’s Summer football games, as well as equality within football. Bespoke scarves have been commissioned by Sophie Hird, alongside unique pin badges that have been curated by Kelly anna.

“Back in the day, only little boys were allowed to dream of being ballers. In modern Britain it’s the dream of young girls too,” said Beckie Stanion, chief marketing officer at Sports Direct.

As well as merch – the campaign also features a short promo film starring Stina Blackstenius, Millie Bright, Jess Carter, Lauren Hemp, Sam Kerr, Ellen White, Alessia Russo, Nikita Parris and Georgia Stanway.

The campaign has already but hopes to continue to spark interest and excitement amongst men and women all over the country by showing people that women have just as much passion for the game as men, despite the multiple hurdles they have to face.

What the film uncovers is that women do not just play for the title, or trophy but for the entire legacy surrounding the beautiful game. The women playing are hoping to challenge and re-write the narrative that persists in mainstream culture. Sports Direct, and Copa 90 are facilitating this ambition with this creative campaign reaching millions this summer.

Saudi Arabia’s city of the future

Imagine living in a 500-metre-tall linear city, comprised of mirrored facades, sustainable materials that is only 200 metres wide…

This architectural blueprint is set to become a reality for those in Saudi Arabia as their government has released the above visuals of this tall linear city of the future they have named ‘Neom’.

Placed next to the Red Sea, it is set to span across 170km of Northwest Saudi and is envisioned to be an albeit dramatic, but sustainable alternative to urban traditional cities.

Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman declared: "The designs revealed today for the city's vertically layered communities will challenge the traditional flat, horizontal cities and create a model for nature preservation and enhanced human livability (…) The Line will tackle the challenges facing humanity in urban life today and will shine a light on alternative ways to live."

When complete – Neom is said to be able to house nine million residents and will offer its community residential, retail and leisure areas as well as schools and parks.

The city itself is part of a wider initiative from the Saudi Arabian Government to push the diversification of its economy and decrease its reliance on oil by 2030.

Though articulating the benefits for the economy, as well as the surrounding environments promote the positive impact this linear city could and should have if built by 2030 – it is interesting to question the negative effects that could come to fruition for humanity culturally. Having to adapt to a new city-format, with less space, and a new sense of unfamiliarity could not only change the way we think and behave but the next generations to come.

Looking forward, how can brands offer a safe space through the products or services they offer, to allow the future consumer to evolve with confidence?

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