Issue #118

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring Air BnB’s remote travelling program, Brewdogs crack down on BOJO, Heineken’s ‘12th Woman’ campaign, and Mattel's first Transgender Barbie Doll.

Air BnB’s remote travelling program

People are still making the most of hybrid working, and Air BnB is tapping into the continued trend surrounding it by encouraging people to travel and work simultaneously.

Brian Chesky Airbnb CEO discussed his beliefs concerning office working: “The office, as we know it, is over,” framing the decision to unveil Air BnB’s profound changes to its platform. There have been 150 upgrades made to the site – with a majority of them aimed at nomadic workers. For example- flexible searching and a tool to test the WiFi speed. Users also have the option to utilise the “I’m Flexible” feature – to advertise their working status.

Air BnB are hoping to create a new model of flexibility for how people work by going beyond a ‘WFH’ format – to work from anywhere approach.

It’s a flexibility that the brand has already introduced for their own employees – not only can they work from anywhere in the US currently, but from September will be able to live and work in over 170 different countries for up to 90 days annually in each chosen location.

Brewdog cracks down on BOJO

Brewdog have released what they have described as “beer fit for a work party”- pointing fun at the recently resigned prime minister, Boris Johnson.




The beer was created after demand on Twitter, the firm said. Followers were asked to pick its name from four options, which also included ‘Resignation Nation’ and ‘Bye Bye Big Dog’. The winning name was "Boris Lie-PA". 

This canned delight will be available from 1st August only for a limited time with the description stating, “don’t expect this beer to outstay its welcome”.

The infamous drinks giant is no stranger to marketing mockery – in 2019, they launched a similar product a beer ‘for the fridge, not the cabinet’- which again referred to the political demise of BOJO.

The brand is tapping into satire to raise brand awareness, and sell their new product – responding to cultural shifts, and political context allows them to appeal to today’s consumer and remain relevant in light of new and flexing societal developments.

Heineken’s ‘12th Woman’ campaign

Heineken has launched a new equality campaign in the lead up to the Women’s Euro’s.

The ‘12th Woman’ is part of an ongoing campaign by Heineken which hopes to shine a light on bias and challenges stereotypes in football culture. Stephanie Dexter of Heineken said: “For so long football culture and fandom has been influenced by the men’s game. So, while the women’s game has grown massively, a legacy of terms such as ‘man on’ and the ‘the 12th man’ continue to dominate.”

The campaign features a celebrity ensemble of Ellie Taylor, Harry Redknapp, AJ Odudu, Karen Carney and Jermaine Jenas – all enthusiastic fans of football, and the upcoming UEFA women’s Euro’s this summer. These celebrities will all star in the campaign film wherein they all declare themselves to be ‘12th Women’.

The campaign is purposefully driven to tackling inequality and demonstrates the importance of inclusivity in brand sponsorships in encouraging supporters of the sport to confront bias and spread equality.

Mattel’s first transgender barbie doll

Mattel has made impressive strides toward inclusivity through creating toys which encourage representation. Previously they launched barbie dolls modelling different body shapes, sizes, and ethnicities – challenging the euro-centric narrative that came before them.

Doubling down on their commitment to representation, Mattel has now unveiled their first transgender barbie – designed and inspired by Laverne Cox.

Cox is a four-time Emmy-winning actress, producer and the first transgender woman of colour to have a leading role on a scripted TV show – Mattel wanted to cast a light on an empowering figure through creating a doll a younger generation could see as a role model.

“I hope that people can look at this Barbie and dream big like I have in my career.  The space of dreaming and manifesting is such a powerful source and leads you to achieve more than what you originally thought was possible," Cox commented on the toy brand’s newest release.

Barbie has explained that this doll – in the image of Cox, is part of its continued commitment to continue to increase diversity and celebrates the profound impact COX has had as an advocate, and role model for LGBTQ rights.  

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