Issue #114

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week we are celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and are looking to brands, and innovations that have been inspired by the upcoming festivities… featuring Burberry’s superbloom activation, the Royal mint’s jewellery line, Gap’s pre-loved denim collection for the Jubilee, and Mcdonald’s, one’s lovin’ it Jubilee campaign…

 Burberry’s Superbloom activation

In celebration of summer, and the Queen’s Jubilee – Burberry has revealed a series of activations, including a silk scarf and a partnership with Historic Royal Palaces to support Superbloom, encircling the Tower of London.

The luxury fashion house hasalso collaborated with digital artist Jon Emmony to create a wondrous art wall situated at the entrance of Superbloom at the Tower of London. The wall depicts a “utopian vision inspired by the power of Superbloom and the dynamism of animals and pollinators of British woodlands”.

Burberry’s silk scarf – another element of their commemorative Jubilee series, showcases the brand’s British heritage, decorated with hand-illustrated motifs inspired by ancient British woodlands and animals most-associated with it. From Yew trees, and bluebells, to butterflies and squirrels.. there are also birds that represent each of the four British nations: a robin for England, a capercaillie for Scotland, a sparrowhawk for Northern Ireland and a golden eagle for Wales.

Teaming up with school children to honour the Queen, Burberry also helped facilitate special jubilee artwork and inscriptions from kids keen to have their messages seen by the nation! They will be displayed on over 80 bus stops throughout Westminster.

The Royal Mint launches a jewellery line made of gold recovered from electronic waste

The royal mint’s recycling plant is not yet fully operational – nonetheless, they have launched their first product line in honour of the queen’s Jubilee made from recovered precious metals.

The line will be called 886 by the Royal Mint- the collection was designed by jeweler Dominic Jones and presents a range of modern, genderless pieces, from earrings, and rings, to studs and cuffs.

886 is the first luxury jewelry brand to use 100% recovered gold sourced from discarded electronic waste — recovering discarded scraps from different devices.

The royal mint has transformed waste into valuable objects that can be handed down from one generation to the next, what a lovely momento of the platinum Jubilee…

Gap partners with Denim Library on preloved jean collection for Platinum Jubilee

Launching in time for the Jubilee bank holiday, gap has collaborated with the denim resale platform ‘Denim Library’ to release a collection of pre-loved denim.

 This pre-loved collection will include archive Gap denim and iconic pieces from the brand- consisting of a total of 100 vintage Gap pieces sourced by Denim Library. The collection will be divided into three sections: common, unique, or rare.

The denim library is a platform that provides conscious consumers with hand-picked edits of worn-in and denim in support of a slower fashion movement. The library stocks a range of brands including Levi’s, Acne and Wrangler.

Gap no longer operates standalone stores in the UK – but has continued to develop and launch different initiatives and has a presence through Next on the British High Street.

Their latest endeavour will be available to browse in-store at 120 Oxford Street, between the 2nd-5th June – so makes sure if you are visiting or trailing the streets of London for the Jubilee that you stop by for some pre-loved shopping.

Mcdonald’s One’s Lovin’ it

Fast food giant Mac D’s has been through a royal makeover to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

McDonald’s official partnership with Platinum Jubilee Pageant hopes to connect audiences in a playful way to mark this momentous, cultural moment for the nation.

They have adopted a new temporary slogan ‘one’s Lovin’ it and created an accompanying   jingle in collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra. To bring further excitement and jubilation to its customers – ‘Leo Burnett’ have designed sets of exclusive recreations of Mcdonald’s infamous product packaging. The sets are limited edition, and will feature the fries sleeve, the burger clamshell, and famous drinks cup. Maccies fans, and customers will be able to claim these sets via their app.

The director of the agency (Ready10) who worked with Mcdonald’s to help bring the vision into reality, commented: “To celebrate 70 years on the throne, we wanted to honour the occasion with an idea that nodded to McDonald’s playful brand personality, and so “one’s lovin’ it” was born. It’s great to see what started out as an earned idea gain traction and roll-out as a major national and multi-channel campaign.”


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