Issue #088

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring Corona’s collaboration with Duolingo, the Nike play lab, Currys’, and Uber Eats’ partnership and, Burberry’s first-ever immersive brand experience on Jeju island…

Corona X Duolingo

Launching their new hard seltzer Limonada lime, Corona have partnered with the language-learning app Duolingo to create a voice-sensitive vending machine. The campaign shows an effort to demonstrate authenticity by exhibiting the brand's respect for Mexican culture.

Corona shoppers are asked to order in Spanish from the vending machines: “Dame una Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada, por favor.” The fluent speakers, or those able to attempt the correct Spanish pronunciation are rewarded with a can of the new seltzer… Those lacking in linguistic skill (and seltzer) are offered a free one-month subscription to Duolingo Plus instead.


This fun collaboration appeals to the consumers craving interactivity from their purchasing experiences post-pandemic. As well as this the machine welcomes personal growth, as the experience not only adds an element of entertainment to the purchasing process it facilitates the process of learning a new skill.

A cross-industry collaboration that allows consumers to boost their potential whilst sipping a nice cold beverage… Muy bien!

Nike Play Lab

Nike are displaying a clear commitment to redefining movement for the next generation by giving kids the opportunity to transform their imaginary concepts of sports into real-life sports.

Their official Nike Play lab website asks kids to “think up a new sport you’d love to play. What’s it called? What are the rules? Then ask your parents or friends to film you playing the new sport you’ve created. Upon submitting it, expect a Play Parcel with an official Nike certificate for your sport”.


The submissions that Nike deem to be inspiring, or creative enough are then published to their YouTube channel. Those submissions that go above and beyond the brief will also be made for real- bringing the child’s imagination to life.

The idea behind the play lab is that a new generation of creators, and innovators will be inspired to think outside the box, play ‘New’ and share their ideas with other children, and adults. It is more than a short-term competition, or service. Nike are outlining a long-term commitment towards children who see the world as a busy, and boundless playground and need a safe and empowering space to experience play. 

Curry’s X Uber eats

The week of the 15th November saw the launch of Uber’s largest retailer partnership so far. Food delivery giant, Uber Eats has partnered with Currys to carry-out a London-based delivery trial transporting smaller tech products from shops to consumers at a rapid speed.


Consumers browsing Currys’ website will have access to a range of 1,800 tech items, from laptops to phone chargers. The delivery of these tech items will be facilitated by Uber’s delivery technology, and their network of couriers utilising the app.

The pilot phase is 3 months long and will be trialled across 15 London venues, including Brixton, Wembley Stadium and Oxford Street, Croydon, West Drayton, Colliers Wood, Enfield, Hayes Staples Corner, Old Kent Road, and Kensington.

Chief Operating Officer at Currys, explained: “We want customers to get products in their hands and homes as soon as they want them – right now, with super-fast delivery. This new ‘from store to door’ delivery pilot with Uber is the next step in our exciting omnichannel journey.”

Who would have thought you could be using your UberEats app to serve a purpose separate from ordering that Friday night pizza? 

Burberry’s immersive brand experience on Jeju Island

Fashion house Burberry have created their first-ever immersive brand experience in South Korea, on Jeju island. Their website describes the experience as: “An ephemeral destination where nature merges with technology”.


Burberry have created a space intended to connect with nature. As shown in the picture, the structure- a mirrored sculpture, rises from a rural landscape. The sculpture is characterised by architectural contour lines inspired by different maps. The visual contrast is a purposeful juxtaposition between the digital and physical and aims to represent a vision where the two are able to collide.

Hypebeast commented on the pop-up: “The mirrored sculptural building takes naturalistic inspiration from the topography of the Sanbangsan mountain on Jeju’s shores…”

Inside this mirrored palace is an immersive art installation that includes cinematic works from three artists- adding an element of interactivity to the interior space. As well as this, there is ‘Thomas’ Café’- named after Burberry’s founder, and their fashion collections on hand to browse.

The structure is only there until the 12th December- but if you are a bit too far from South Korea, Burberry has several other stores allowing you to experience their products in a unique way. Although, none of them offer an immersive experience quite like this one…

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