#Issue 078

Megan Hotson


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring Bristol’s Mooning Mona, Planted’s launch at Kings Cross, inflatable fashion, and free kayak rentals for Singaporeans who collect trash while paddling.

Mooning Mona Lisa, Bristol

Bristol is now the proud owner of a bronze statue depicting the Mona Lisa baring all. The sculpted ‘Moona Lisa’ is an emulation of Nick Walker’s spray painting that was created after Banksy claimed that nothing more could be done to Da Vinci’s iconic painting.

This impressive re-imagining of Mona Lisa was made using a building rig, which attached to 160 DSLR cameras that were able to capture a 360-degree picture of a real-life model imitating the ‘Moona Lisa’. The image produced then informed the creation of the digital model used to create a mould to form the final sculpture.

This life-sized statue is on public display until the 31st October, so if you find yourself in the area be sure to go and admire this bronzed goddess. Walker’s spray painting and street art story are captured in Vangaurd’s comprehensive exhibition, which explores Bristol’s established underground scene.

Planted, Kings Cross

 Planted is a digital forum that aims to reconnect spaces with nature. It endeavours to show people a better, more sustainable picture of the future by exhibiting beautiful design to improve spaces. By exploring beneficial design solutions to environmental barriers, Planted are evidencing a strong commitment to effecting long-term, positive change.

Having run an event at Kings Cross in 2020, Planted will return with a three-day event running from the 23rd of September to the 26th. The flagship event will focus on biophilic design and showcase sustainable design brands that are making waves in the industry. As well as this, Planted will run numerous talks and display various nature-based installations and products to inspire Londoners.

Planted want to educate people of the benefits of being immersed by our natural world to fight the urban sprawl. There is clear health, but also commercial benefits to ensuring people connect with nature. It is estimated that on average, city folk spend 95% of their day indoors, however, those who do spend time in nature have experienced positive results based on their creativity, wellness and productivity.

It's time to swap the evening you had planned with your TV and dinner, for a picnic in the park...

Inflatable fashion empowers women to take up space

Designer and artist, Feyfey, has curated a unique line of inflatable fashion for, and with women in mind. The collection is called ‘Slowly but Surely Take Up Space’, and is inspired by the belief that women deserve to feel comfortable in a male-dominated world to ‘take up space’.

The clothing line is a satirical collection of garments that inflate to cartoonish sizes. The line that launched this month- also aligns itself with people’s return to work, and the daily commute by city dwellers to the diminished personal space of public transport and the office.

‘Slowly but Surely’ features key pieces like ‘The Redeemer’ that outlines the pressures applied to women to regularly shift how they behave, or dress to be taken seriously. As well as this, the violation experienced of personal space by women on their daily commutes.

FeyFey commented on her inflatable and innovative vision: “I imagine that women will wear these clothes to work in the uninflated form, and on their way home from a tiring day of work, they’ll balloon themselves up, enjoying the expanded personal space and a moment of attention from everyone."

Free kayak and SUP rentals for Singaporeans who collect trash while paddling

The month of September welcomes a new community initiative by PAssion WaVe in Singapore. This sports organisation is allowing free two-hour sessions Wednesdays to Fridays to any Singaporeans who agree to collect litter floating in the water as they paddle. 

Anyone taking part in this environmentally friendly paddle session will be given buckets, gloves and tongs, and can journey out to the sea or any reservoir from one of PAssion WaVe's six outlets.


This community centered organisation is one of many other brands facilitating more engaging ways to clean up the environment. The concept is gaining traction as more consumers experience eco-anxiety and become aware of the detrimental impact that humans have on nature.

Who knows, perhaps the idea will take to the Thames next, and witness Londoners paddling to protect the environment!

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