Issue #072

Charlotte Hurd


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring Nike radio, Midnight Trains, Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday and Cubitts’ 3D technology

Nike Radio

Tapping into the trend for audio, Nike Tokyo have recently launched NikeLab Radio – a selection of playlists, podcasts and video content.

Available on the Nike app, Spotify and Apple music, the radio station is split into four main categories:

  • (x) Talk– a podcast series of interviews with sports stars and designers.
  • (x) Playlist – a space for brand partners to curate their own playlists
  • (x) Session – a video series that brings together stars from different fields to encourage the discovery of new sports and disciplines.
  • (x) Read – a space to enable customers to adopt healthier and more mindful habits to encourage relaxation.

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Midnight Trains

Midnight Trains is aiming to entice people to skip plane travel and take a train instead. From its hub in Paris, the start-up brand plans to create a network of ten key destinations, including Edinburgh, Rome, Madrid and Berlin.

Passengers can expect their journey to feel like staying in a hotel, with private cabins which feature high-quality bedding and bathrooms.

Of its commercial airline competitors, Midnight Trains says: "The speed they sell is an illusion and a 1-hour flight is actually 4 hours long from door to door. Trains, on the other hand, depart and arrive in city centres, eliminating the trek from airport to destination.”

Increasingly aware of their carbon footprint consumers and brands are seeking better ways to travel. Experiences like Midnight Trains offer a travel experience that isn't just greener, but less stressful and more pleasurable. 

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Louis Vuitton's 200th Birthday  

How do you celebrate your 200th birthday? Well, Louis Vuitton are celebrating their eponymous founder though a number of storytelling activations which tell his rags-to-riches story.

Spanning visual merchandising, gaming, alcohol and the arts activations include things such as mobile game 200 Anecdotes. The game sees players guide monogrammed wooden flower figure and brand mascot Vivienne through adventures that follow Vuitton’s rise from humble beginnings.

Also, to highlight the brand’s work with a number of diverse creatives, 200 notable individuals across design have been asked to reimagine the brands signature luggage trunk which will be displayed in windows across its global stores before being auctioned by Sotheby’s in December. Those featured include the house’s past designers creative and artistic directors Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones.

MicrosoftTeams-image (44)Cubitt's 3D Technology

UK-based brand Cubitts have recently launched an app which uses 3D scanning technology through your smartphone camera to map your unique facial features and show you a suggestion for the best fitting frames from the brand’s eyewear collection.

The technology uses 18 key measurements including ear position and nasal bridge to collect data and provide personalised suggestions based on style.  

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