Issue #061

Charlotte Hurd


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring the world’s first deodorant designed for disabled people, Dove tackling self-esteem, trainers made from bananas & Pharrell Williams’ good time hotel.  

The world’s first deodorant designed for disabled people 

Applying deodorant is an everyday thing for many of us, something we do without a second thought. However, that is not the case for people with upper limb disabilities.  

Degree, realised this and have teamed up with design experts, occupational therapists, engineers, consultants and people living with disabilities to remedy that problem, and has now created the world's first adaptive deodorant.   

A hooked design and magnetic closures on the cap mean that the product can be opened and closed with one hand. Overall, the product's design requires more plastic to manufacture, but the bottle is refillable – so it can be used again and again.

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Dove tackles self-esteem

Dove are continuing their fight against unrealistic beauty standards with a new campaign that highlights the damage caused by social media filters and heavily edited pictures on social media.  

It’s selfie apps and the pressures of social media that pose the biggest threats,” says Daniel Fisher, global ECD for Unilever at Ogilvy and WPP. “Not enough people are talking about the issue but hopefully this campaign will change that. As the father of two young daughters myself, I really hope it can make a difference.”  

This is a great message and Dove continue to create some really good work to change the conversation around beauty. You can watch the full film here: 

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Trainers made from bananas 

In an ongoing strategy to become more sustainable, H&M have recently launched an eco-friendly trainer made from banana plant fibres.  

The shoe, made in collaboration with sustainable footwear brand Good News is made from Bananatex – a waterproof and highly durable material developed using only banana plants.  

H&M have become a key player in the fashion world when it comes to adopting more sustainable practices. Having previously experimented with vegan leathers made from cactus, wine industry waste and pineapple, as well as silks made from oranges, the Swedish fashion giant makes a strong case for the use of plant-based and food waste material alternatives on the high street.

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Pharrell Williams’ good time hotel 

Many of us are yearning for a time when we can travel freely again and Pharrell Williams’ new hotel is not helping the wanderlust! 

Pastel colours, wicker furniture and leopard print fabrics are all right at home in this Miami based hotel which was designed to reflect the famed art deco architecture of the local area  

Custom bedding and bespoke drapes feature in the guest bedrooms alongside leopard-print benches and pink rotary dial phones. A carpet woven with a pattern of wet footprints runs along the corridors. 

This theme is translated into features such as striped pastel tiling, vintage scalloped bar seating and pinstriped awnings. 

We will see you at the pool bar!

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