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Laura Galdi


Welcome to your weekly dose of TOO x TOO – Featuring Heinz's Masterbrand strategy change, P&G's anti-racist action, Dior's Vespa design and Oslo's Munch Museum.

HEINZ’s first masterbrand 

For the first time after 150 years from its foundation, Heinz has undergone a branding unification. 

The process to create a “masterbrand” involved changing brand strategy and tone of voice beside the packaging, logo and overall visual identity. The distinctive elements of the brand – the keystone and the Heinz label typeface – were highlighted and will take an important presence in the brand commercials. 

Jonny Spindler, the managing director of the agency in charge of the project, JKR, said that  

Our primary ambitions were to distinctively connect each element of the brand’s design ecosystem and to utilise iconic assets, like the Heinz keystone, in new and interesting ways. 

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P&G calls for anti-racist action 

In a historical time where the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum amid several global protests, many brands are taking a stand, expressing anti-racial messages to support the cause. 

In this regard, Procter and Gamble jumped on the wagon launching an ad created by Grey and Cartwright in the US. Rather than just advocating the group’s anti-racism spirit, it calls into action all American people to help stop racism. “Read. Listen. Donate. Plan. March. Vote. Speak out. Step in. Step up”, are the closing words.  

P&G’s Chief Communication Officer, Damn Jones, explained his perspective saying 

In my lifetime, never have we needed individuals and companies to step up more than in this moment – not with thoughts and prayers but with deliberate, sustained action. We hope to inspire the silent majority to not only serve as allies but as advocates and activists in the fight for equality. And we’re committed to helping them along that journey.

A high couture-scooter

With summer knocking at the door, the French high couture house Dior and the Italian motor brand Vespa from Piaggio, chose the perfect moment to announce their new co-creation, a high-couture scooter. 

Covered in a satin creamy white and decorated with leather accessories printed in Marc Bohan’s 1967 Dior Oblique motif, the Vespa 946 Christian Dior is finished with golden details that make it unquestionably an elegance statement. 

In a press interview Dior mentioned

Today, more than ever, the Dior and Vespa collaboration reinvents this spirit of freedom, movement and expression that drives them. 

The limited-edition collection will be available from spring 2021 in the Dior boutiques worldwide and in selected Piaggio’s Motoplex stores. 

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Oslo’s Munch Museum got a new face 

A new Munch museum has been built in Oslo Bjorvika to host the increased number of visitors of the original Munch museum based in eastern Oslo – and its brand identity is ace.  

Built by architect studio Herreros, the museum, that will open at the end of the year, has a characteristic shape with a slant at its top. This element inspired the creation of its custom typeface, that slightly leans to the left and that is used for the wordmark too. 

The brand identity, developed by studio North, features a bold character, with a bright and unusual colour palette “in line with Munch’s art”, that well accompanies the strong typeface. The team also dropped the word “museum” that was thought to be a barrier to attract new and young audiences.  

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