Issue #029

Laura Galdi


Welcome to your weekly dose of TOO x TOO – Featuring retail brands experimenting with 'Logo - Distancing' for covid19, Nike Training Club Premium app, Signature Brew and DIY Tate tips for kids. 

L o g o – d i s t a n c i n g

During the coronavirus pandemic, brands can surely play a big role in reinforcing governmental messages where worldwide citizens are being asked to #stayhome. 

A peculiar way that brands around the world – such as Volkswagen, Audi McDonalds – are doing this is by creating and posting on their social channels a tweaked version of their brand logo, where its features – either line vectors or wordmarks’ letters – appear distanced from each other. Alternatively, other brands, including Nike, are campaigning with other explicit messages inviting people to stay home.  

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NIKE invites us to stay at home – and get fit in the meantime  

Coherently with campaigning online to invite people to stay at home, Nike offers them a solution to make this easier, and useful. In fact, the sports giant has made its Nike Training Club Premium app free for everyone.  

The app is now free to help customers around the world to make of sport a daily habit, even in challenging times. 

Spanning yoga classes, targeted training programs, progressive training programs including bodyweight-only sessions, and full equipment workouts for any level, the app’s library includes more than 185 workouts that range from 15 to 60 minutes.  

The app also includes tips from Nike Master Trainers at no extra charge. 

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Delivering the necessities

With the global pandemic forcing retail spaces and social places to close to avoid the spread of coronavirus, some brands are thinking outside of the box to ensure customers get the products they love.  

The small bar chain and brewery Signature Brew, for example, has created a new formula to allow its customers to experience its beers from home, named Pub in a Box. This is an assorted packaged box that includes a selection of award-winning Signature Brew beers, a glass, beer mats, snacks, a music quiz, and a playlist curated by music journalists to enjoy while boozing. It comes on 8, 16 or 24 cans-size with related different price options. 

To deliver Pub in a Box to customers’ houses Signature Brew employs gig-less artists whose Glastonbury festival and American Tour have been cancelled.  

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DIY TATE tips for kids 

TATE has provided aid to parents at home, who now will be able to keep their young friends busy with some fresh artistic tips coming from the contemporary art world. 

In fact, the art gallery has launched a website section dedicated to kids with some instructional programmes to explore different kinds of artistic techniques. 

All specifying duration times and equipment needed, the creative categories include paint and draw, cut and paste, sculpture, colouring books and masks, art and technology, and performance. 

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