Issue #020

Laura Galdi


Welcome to your weekly dose of TOO x TOO – Featuring an insight into Quorn's carbon footprint, i-D and Rihanna's 2020 collaboration, Nike x Pigalle and Puma's 'Be the Spark' campaign.

Informed consumption

Quorn is a UK plant-based protein brand, and it also will be the first big food brand to include a carbon footprint label on its packaging.  It will indicate a measure of carbon produced per kilogram of product, a ‘farm to shop’ carbon footprint data that will be certified by The Carbon Trust.

In this way, Quorn wants to help consumers to make purchasing choices that are informed regarding the planet’s climate.

It looks set to be a successful commercial move considering a 2019 global study by The Carbon Trust, according to which 66% of costumers feel more positive about brands that demonstrate and communicate their effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

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i-D and Riri’s special Rihannazine

Rihanna has collaborated with i-D to create a 144-page, ad-free, limited edition zine to celebrate pioneers for change in the 2020 decade. The 5000 copies due to be issued are sold out, but it’s still possible to explore the magazine, Rihannazine, on the i-D website.

According to Rihanna, the issue represents change and culture and

is dedicated to some of the people who are progressively reshaping the communities across fashion, music, art, and activism – creating a more inclusive and diverse future

i-D and Riri’s Rihannazine is one of i-D’s projects to celebrate its 40 years in the business.

The power of sport to move the world

Nike never stops surprising, and this time they do it by breathing life into two basketball courts in Mexico City in collaboration with fashion designer Stephane Ashpool’s brand Pigalle.

The Mexico City basketball court refurbishment, among others in different cities, is a part of a project aimed at fostering community-building in the name of “The power of sport to move the world”, following a series of footwear and apparel collections generated by the two brands’ collaboration.

The importance of the project is to give players the best outdoor facilities in order to make them comfortable enough to create something bigger. […]. We want the court to become a second home. That’s how you build a community organically around a space — we simply give them the right tools.

Nike have also kept sustainability in mind, the courts are built with NIKE GRIND, the Nike company that recycles worn-out or unsellable footwear to produce other materials and work with other industries.

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Inspiring sports-ads

Sports brand Puma has recently released a one-minute ad to promote its new Puma football shoe model.

In a balance between energetic images and sounds, and unexpected fun flashes, the “Be the spark” ad feels powerful and inspiring:

It all starts with a spark, that’s how players become champions

– it plays. The spot features some football players including Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero, and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who’s voice is used to open the scene.

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