Issue #011

Charlotte Hurd


Welcome to your Friday dose of TOO x TOO – Featuring the Kardashian-Jenner's resale project, a Banksy Croydon store, Ganni's store opening in Soho and a Virgin Galactic commercial spaceport in New Mexico. 

Kardashian Kloset takes on the resale market

The Kardashian-Jenners are tapping into the burgeoning secondhand luxury market with a new venture that will open their closets to the public.

Fans will be able to get their hands on around 250 pre-owned items coming directly from Casa del Kardashian.

Especially in the US, resale is the hottest ticket now and Kardashian Kloset is the latest in a series of lucrative businesses for the family who have mastered the art of leveraging their names to sell product.

The US resale market has grown 21 times faster than traditional retail apparel in the last three years and the family are leveraging key learnings from their successful beauty ventures, by launching on Instagram.

As the celebrity-owned beauty brand space grows more crowded, the resale market presents a new and less saturated playing field for those hoping to expand their business footprint. The Kardashian endorsement could also build trust and help the resale market gain credibility in the eyes of the consumer, accelerating the acceptance of previously owned and used products.

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Banksy opens shop in Croydon

 “I’m opening a shop today,” the artist said on Instagram. “Although the doors don’t actually open.”

Elusive artist, Banksy has set up shop in south London, his ‘Gross Domestic Product’ store features the Union Jack stab vest from Stormzy, a Tony the Tiger rug and other ‘offensive and impractical items’ made from recycled materials.

Open for two weeks, fans are able to purchase items from an online shop. Proceeds will go towards buying a new migrant rescue boat to replace one allegedly confiscated by Italian authorities.

The timing of the store opening also adds a layer to Banksy’s strong narrative – it is Frieze week, where tickets set you back £38.70. The Banksy shop is free to view, anyone can view and anyone is able to purchase via the online shop.

This is truly art for everyone.

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Ganni comes to London

Cult Danish fashion brand Ganni has opened its first UK store in Soho. The pastel-coloured, Instagram ready space has been designed with sustainability in mind. Recycled plastic waste is a large material feature and customers are encouraged to recycle unwanted clothing in-store.

All featured art is female focussed and the store stocks an exclusive London collection to ensure localisation.

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Gateway to Space

Providing a glimpse into the future, Virgin Galactic has unveiled the world’s first commercial spaceport in New Mexico.

Gateway to Space will serve as a waiting area for the $250,000-per-ticket tourists waiting to board the very first space flights in 2020.

The port which takes inspiration from a traditional airport lounge, has all the expected amenities including a passenger lounge, a coffee shop and retail outlets but also houses the less familiar mission control and briefing centre.

As the prospect of space travel becomes more realistic for cash-rich travellers, brands will need to start strategising their standpoint. Cross sector – the idea of space travel and a space port provides an exciting new opportunity to target super wealthy travellers.

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