Issue #003

Charlotte Hurd


Welcome to your Friday dose of TOO x TOO – Featuring Hendrick's experiential advertising, Stella McCartney’s winter collection, WGSN's Electric Night and a study by London Hospital’s charity CW+.

Hendrick’s Gin looks to seize the senses of London’s commuters

In an experiential first, Hendrick’s are seeking to engage the olfactory system of London’s commuters by tunnel wrapping Kings Cross station with rose and cucumber scented posters to herald the arrival of their Summer edition spirit. Sticking around until September, perhaps take some time to stop and smell the roses on your next journey.

Blog 3 1
Hendricks Gin – Scented Tunnel Wrap

A conscious casting for Stella McCartney’s winter collection

A designer renowned for her eco credentials, McCartney’s upcoming winter collection will be modelled by members of environmentalist group, Extinction Rebellion. As an industry, fashion is never far from the lens of scrutiny by environmental activists. So, any endorsement from an authority voice would favour any brand working to legitimise their sustainability pursuits.

Blog 3 2
Extinction Rebellion breaks into fashion with the Stella McCartney sustainability campaign

Introducing ‘Electric Night’

The colour forecast to be heavily featured in S/S 2020 collections…

Blog 3 3
WGSN predict Electric Night as a future colour trend

Healthier hospitals by design

A study by London Hospital’s charity, CW+, has found that the addition of art in NHS hospitals has contributed to improved patient wellbeing, reduced anxiety before procedures and the detection of lower levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) in patients. Increasingly UK hospitals are commissioning designers, such as Morag Myerscough and Quentin Blake, to transform hospital spaces.

Blog 3 4
Morag Myerscough transforms rooms at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

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