Issue #092

Megan Hotson


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the year:

2021’s Christmas Brand Activations

Welcome to your weekly dose of TooxToo… this one is a rather special edition, given that Santa Claus is coming to town! Featuring Branston’s pickle post, EDF’s pollution sensing spruce, the White Company’s cosy residency at Allbright, and Google’s giant Christmas cracker…

We have explored some of the best brand activations to come out of 2021’s Christmas period. If you did not get to see them in the flesh, grab a mince pie, some mulled wine, and scroll away…

Branston’s pickle post pop-up 

The postal business is usually synonymous with the colour red… not this year, however, as Branston launched their “International Pickle post” experience. This green, pickled pop-up allowed customers to send a jar of Branston’s infamous pickle to friends and family across Europe. Better yet, allowing you not just free postage but also to bypass the long, and tenuous Christmas post office queues.

The pop-up unfortunately only ran for a short period of time (25th-28th November) at Gabriel's Wharf on London's South Bank. The pickle post office also sold scratch-and-sniff cheese and pickle stamps, limited-edition Branston Pickle wrapping paper and "cheesy" Christmas cards.

The inspiration behind this brand activation came from the realisation that many expats living in Europe struggle to acquire their favourite condiments over the Christmas period. The pop-up was successful for the days it was open, and its message resonated precisely because of the way in which it encouraged human connection and thought, through sending gifts to loved ones far away, this Christmas.

Thank you Branston, for making sure no one’s shelves are pickle-less this Christmas.

EDF’s Pollution sensing Spruce

This Festive period, EDF installed a Christmas tree in Glasgow’s city centre. Not just any Christmas tree… one with lights that change colour in response to the different levels of pollution in the city.

The concept behind the trees sparkling lights, hopes to make motorists more aware of the detrimental impact that both diesel and petrol cars have on the planet. The lights that are centre stage of this activation, are powered by an electric vehicle parked alongside the tree. The vehicle was donated to EDF’s Christmas call for action by Drive Electric and hopes to send a clear message of the perks of switching to EV, to save our environment.

Philippe Commaret, Managing Director for customers at EDF discussing the brand activation, said: “Thanks to our specially designed Christmas Tree-V, visitors to Glasgow city centre will be able to see pollution levels change throughout the day as the lights change, helping people to see the impact of their transport choices for themselves."

COP26 might have ended, but its sentiment remains- and brands that carry its torch are set to appeal to the eco-conscious consumers looking to invest in the future. EDF’s Christmas lights will change colour from green to white once the WHO’s annual average limit, is exceeded. The tree can be found at the Prince and Princess of Wales hospice in Dumbreck until January 4…

The White Company at AllBright

The White company is known best for their luxurious accessories, sleepwear, candles, and fragrance. Given this, what better brand to transform Mayfair members’ club rooftop Allbright into a cosy, Christmas oasis?

The White company’s festive decorations, foliage, and trees surround the guests at Allbright’s members rooftop. Guests have a chance to experience their seasonal scents, as well as other products whilst enjoying this immersive Christmas Brand experience. The partnership between the White Company, and Allbright is a match made in heaven, as both attain high levels of luxury and a premium service for their loyal guests, and new consumers.

With breathtaking views of London in this magical setting, guests can also enjoy cocktails inspired by The White Company’s renowned winter scent collection. One of the most popular to come out of this pop-up is the ‘Highland Escape’, mixed with champagne, cognac, bergamot and winter herbs- it is guaranteed to get you feeling festive.

Google’s Kaleidoscopic Cracker

A true celebration of Christmas spirit is Google’s festive installation at Kings Cross, London. Walking past Google’s headquarters, you can expect to see a gigantic cracker split open that is two meters in height.

The cracker is covered and filled with playful graphics- as well as bright lights and mirrors giving the cracker a kaleidoscopic effect. Amplify worked with Google to develop, design, and build the immersive Christmas activation. Londoners passing by can enter the cracker and create branded photo moments with backdrops of ‘Googley’ patterns.

Festive cracker ‘gifts’ including concrete dice that double as street furniture feature outside the cracker. They create a stayable experience that people can enjoy during the festive season. The warmth and positivity of Google’s Christmas message is reiterated by surrounding OOH billboards wishing everyone a happy holiday from Google.

Amy Brown Google’s head of creative strategy commented: "The holidays are my favourite time of year and it's been a joy to work with Amplify to create an experience designed to spread a bit of cheer in Kings Cross. The project involved working with a number of stakeholders across the estate and Amplify has been a brilliant partner in making this possible.”

The cracker was unveiled on 10th December and will be there to see and admire until 5th January 2022. The only thing this cracker is missing, is an awfully cheesy Christmas joke.

All that is left to say, is a big thank you from us at TOO for reading, liking, and sharing our weekly editions of TOOXTOO. We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and see you in January 2022.

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