We have planned for this

Jonathan Engstrom


We have been watching the developing news closely over the past 5 months, and our thoughts have been with those who are suffering from the impact of this virus. Our thoughts are with those people all around the world who have lived through the latter stages of the impact of this virus and are still dealing with the uncertainty, confusion and pain.

This week we have heard expert advice on the need to reduce the impact of the virus, protect people and reduce the stress on the NHS by implementing social distancing. Looking at the measures taken by other countries and the latest measures taken by governments we are preparing for potential enforced isolation measures.

We have been planning to work as a virtual studio with staff working from home, since the beginning of March, ensuring that the meetings, communications and file storage systems work effectively and are robust. We have actioned working from home for all staff this week, although the Melbourne studio is still open with a number of staff working from home. We are ready for the studio to be fully virtual now and our work flow will be unaffected. We anticipate that the working as a virtual studio will continue for some time and we are ready for that too.

Our design teams are working on various collaboration media tools where we can work effectively with each other regularly to keep the work flow going and maintain the communication and quality work you expect. Projects, we understand may continue as normal, some may be progressed faster some maybe delayed, cancelled, re-briefed or change to more digital or on-line campaigns … we are commercially strong and have planned for that too and we understand that your businesses are going through some uncertain times and you need all the support you can get. That’s why we are here. Talk to us, ask for help, ask for advice… we will do all we can to keep your businesses moving forward.

We will get through this with you and have made all the necessary plans to work in a more agile and responsive way.

We are here when you need us.

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