Sports Direct: Running Starts Here!

Charlotte Hurd


We are very excited to announce that our work with Frasers Group to develop a new multi-brand running experience is now live across Sports Direct flagship destinations in both London and Birmingham.

The implementation of the run specific area is also coming soon to the greatly anticipated Manchester store, opening later this month.


We have worked in collaboration with the teams at Frasers Group to create a retail elevation that will help Sports Direct in becoming the most connected, authentic, and commercial running destination for customers.

Generally, consumers are keen to supercharge their daily wellness and exercise routines, so it was crucial therefore that this was a space for runners of all abilities and lifestyles.

The Sports Direct running destination provides a truly consumer-centric approach, one where brands take a back seat in favour of educating and guiding customers to the right products for them.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 11.57.52Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 11.57.41

When working on the project we consistently referred to input from the different running brands and Frasers Group in-house team members who know their running to define a customer journey which was both authentic to and informative of the sport.

The destination includes a footwear wall that is navigated by end use e.g., Everyday, Fast, Off-road. Whilst digital touch points help to educate customers on the right shoe for their running goals and an online to offline product finder tool to aid choice.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 11.58.19

A self-service gait analysis and foot measuring tool is a move away from the traditional treadmill approach which we understood from research was intimidating to customers. 

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