Sports Direct, Oxford Street

Mike Beukes


The Sport Direct Oxford Street flagship is launching - the culmination of four years of elevation with The One Off.

For the last four years, Sports Direct and The One Off have been working closely to elevate the brand experience for the Sports Direct customer. The latest flagship store on Oxford Street is a true culmination of this and a dramatic shift into a new way for countless to start (or continue) their journey in sport.

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Michael Murray, Group Head of Elevation at Frasers Group says: “This flagship is a proud moment for our partnership with The One Off. We have been on this journey of elevation together for the past couple of years and The One Off continue to challenge our approach to retail design at every customer touchpoint, changing perceptions and revolutionising our stores. ”


Over three floors, the store gives the enthusiast of any sport the inspiration, tools, possibilities and all the gear you can imagine in a way which has revolutionised the Sports Direct shopping experience. Whilst the store is rich in technology, a grass roots design approach has been implemented. Original features have been respected and amplified; and eco-conscious principles have been adopted. However, the key shift is the shopping experience which is 100% guided by the customer rather than categories or brands.


Key features include:

  • The dynamic window – This striking feature for the store includes multiple rotating video screens to create an unmissable fascia for the store.
  • The Bra Studio – This serviced destination with dedicated fitting rooms is devoted to helping women find the right fitting bra for their individual needs. All the brands are merchandised together and aligned with levels of support and sports activity. Supported with custom made digital tools to guide the consumer.
  • Heroes area – This feature enables brands to create special showcase takeovers. When not used by brands, it’ll be used for seasonal, event and category specific trend retail stories..
  • Interactive elements – See how high you can jump with the Basketball experience, have fun with AR in the Kids’ Selfie Mirror and several other moments to bring more fun into the shopping experience, including E-sports where part of the store is dedicated to giving one of the world’s fastest growing sports the respect it deserves.
  • Football – The first floor destination is dedicated to the nation’s favourite sport where top brands are featured, as well as a focus on the upliftment of grassroots football, and offering shirt and boot personalisation within the MyID kiosk.
  • Flexible displays – the displays are designed to be easily updated. This includes extensive use of technology, as well as mannequins specially designed for the store that have more universal body shapes to show the true fit of the kit.
  • Introducing Thrive – a new material which is made from recycled Sports Direct mannequins. The material is used throughout the store on plinths and seating.
  • Mobile pay systems – the latest pay system technology is utilised throughout the store, making checking out or finding products faster and simpler.

“It’s an iconic store on Oxford Street” says Richard Collier, The One Off Creative Director and Partner “The Sports Direct brand has been evolving. And this is the first time the new brand identity has appeared in the physical world in such a strong way. Especially in such an ambitious project.”


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